Meet Chavit Singson’s lovely daughter, Chelsey Singson

Meet Chavit Singson’s lovely daughter, Chelsey Singson

Local politician, Chavit Singson has always been known as a man with a big family. Aside from having seven siblings, he himself was able to have more than seven children. One of whom is his gorgeous daughter, Chelsey Singson.

According to her Instagram account, Chelsey is the owner of GoSport Philippines. She is also a member of the Colourette Clique and the ambassadress for The Skin Bureau. She currently has 26.4 thousand followers on Instagram. There is where she shares her travels and moments with her closest family and friends.

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In her most recent update, she posted a photo of her and her father, Chavit with a caption:

“Dad, you are a true star. Thank you for your unconditional love.”

There aren’t much articles and information about her. But based on her social media accounts, she has a son named Mateo allegedly with a man named Rafael Sison.

Chelsey also seems to enjoy all the fine things in life including traveling and all sorts of adventure that comes with it. She also brings out the vibe of a person who loves taking care of herself, most especially her skin. And in some post, she is seen working out in what seems to be a place for boxing exercises.

In Rafael’s Instagram, on the other hand, you would see more photos of motorcycles than people. But to be fair, his account only has 62 photos. Either way, we can tell that his interest in life are either motorcycles or his boy.

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Chavit Singson was rumored before for having multiple partners. One is his first wife, Evelyn whom he had seven children with. His most controversial relationship, however, was with Rachel Tiongson, who he was with for 17 years. This was the time, Chavit was charged with physical maltreatment after seeing her wife with another man back in 2009.

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