Beautiful peanut vendor charms netizens

Beautiful peanut vendor charms netizens

The inspiring quote that goes, “Beauty is everywhere,” may be true. At least in a literal and physically visible context, this peanut vendor proved that this mantra is real. One fine Saturday, Facebook user Dale Camus came across this beautiful lady tending her peanut stall in Barangay Salawag in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

The netizen did not hold himself back and mustered the courage to talk to her. Thereafter, he confirmed that she was indeed a legitimate peanut seller and was not just someone who was posing for attention. He also asked for her permission to take snaps of her while she was looking out for her peddled goods. Despite how timid she was, her photos still looked splendid.

See her gorgeous candid shots below.

As per Dale’s narrative, the beautiful peanut vendor’s stall was situated proximate to the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Cavite. Funnily though, the online user jested that his appreciation to the vendor’s besotting charm gained backlash from his girlfriend. He wrote:

“Hoy, bakit ganito yung nagtitinda ng mani sa Dasma? hahahaha Okay, since [REDACTED] na ako ng jowa-desu ko mamaya pagkabasa niya nitong post ko lulubusin ko na ah, matatagpuan si ate sa Salawag, Dasma Cavite bandang TUP legit na Mani vendor si ate hahaha nag paalam ako sa kanya na magdadala ko ng photographer sa susunod na bibili ako sa kanya. Shytype si ate eh hahaha.”

Source: rachfeedfacebook

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