Bea Alonzo reveals little-known trivia about her leading men

Bea Alonzo reveals little-known trivia about her leading men

Bea Alonzo is one of the longest-standing, successful actresses of her generation. She has conquered both film and TV. She continues to make projects that are loved and sought by audiences.

Do you remember Basha from “One More Chance?” What about Bobbie from “Four Sisters and a Wedding?” How about Sari from “The Mistress” and Anj from “How to be Yours?”

Yes, all these iconic roles were played by Bea Alonzo! Now, do you remember the fortunate men who got to play her leading men in all these projects? Indeed, Bea has been paired with a lot of dreamy matinee idols in all her years of acting.






In Tonight with Boy Abunda, Bea Alonzo reveals how her leading men differ from one another. Someone laid out Masks with the faces of her leading men in front of her. Then when Boy asked her a question she was asked to raise the mask that corresponded.


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First, Tito Boy asked which leading man Bea was apprehensive to work with. Surprisingly, she held up Gerald Anderson‘s mask. She admitted that she didn’t want to be paired with him at a certain time.






Next, Bea revealed Richard Gomez forgot his lines the most. Similarly, Paulo Avelino adorably messes up his lined and stutters a lot.


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Bea revealed John Lloyd Cruz smelled the best. Furthermore she said she had a lot of disagreements with him.

Amid reports that her relationship with Gerald Anderson is going through a series of rough patches, Bea revealed she still considers him the sexiest among all her leading men. She also held up his mask when Boy Abunda asked, “Sino sa mga leading man mo ang nagmamay-ari ng puso mo ngayon?”


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These netizens can’t help but get kilig!

Watch the whole video here to also catch the kilig vibes:


SOURCE: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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