Watch: Angeline Quinto Sings ‘Tanging Yaman’ Sa Burol Ng Isa Sa Active Member Ng Kanyang Fans Club

Watch: Angeline Quinto Sings ‘Tanging Yaman’ Sa Burol Ng Isa Sa Active Member Ng Kanyang Fans Club

Angeline Quinto is truly one of the most talented singers in the country to ever hit the stage. Throughout her career, she has captured the hearts of many with her angelic voice and hair-raising performances.  Aside from this, a lot of fans adore her because of her humility and how down to earth she is. A lot of people know that Angeline is one of those stars who interacts and gets along with a lot of her supporters.


Recently, John Alfred, one of her most loyal supporters joined the hands of our loving Creator. According to sources, John was one of the most active members of “Angeliners,” the star’s fan club. Upon hearing this, the star cleared her busy schedule to pay a visit to John before he was put to his final resting place.


During her visit, she personally went in front of the fan and sang her acapella rendition of the song “Tanging Yaman,” one of the most popular and well-loved Filipino songs of all time. You could see and feel the emotions on her face and in her voice as she performed the song beautifully. After singing, the star said:

“We love you, A.J.!”


A lot of netizens shared their reactions in the comments section of the post. Thousands of them expressed how touched they were with what the star did.

We would like to pray for the soul of John Alfred. May he rest easy in his new life with the Father above. In his life, he was able to show everyone true loyalty and love through his support for Angeline.


Angeline Quinto started her career by joining numerous singing contests. As the years went by, she was able to reach a lot of success in her numerous projects such as music albums, concerts, and films. Despite all the fame, she never forgets to thank and show gratitude to all the people who have stuck with her since her humble beginnings. This is a big reason why she is one of the most loved celebrities of today.

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