Angeline Quinto Pranks Her Mother Using A P1k Bill

Angeline Quinto Pranks Her Mother Using A P1k Bill

Angeline Quinto is a well-known OPM singer in the Philippines who had already received a lot of plaques of recognition for her excellence. What people had no idea about is that she’s not just a good singer, but also a great prankster and he room is her favorite victim.

Angeline Quinto recently shared a video on her Instagram account that left the netizens laughing.

Well, Angeline had just posted a video of how she pranked her Mama Bob using a P1,000 bill.

In the viral video, Angeline was seen slipping a P1,000 bill under a pillow before shouting “Uy yung isang libo ko!” and attempted to pick it up. However, even before she managed to pick it up, her Mama Bob already has it in her hand!

Angeline Quinto can’t stop laughing at what her Mama Bob did. She then repeatedly asked her Mama Bob where she left it and how she knew that it was hers.

Everyone in the room was laughing at what Mama Bob did and obviously, she had just effortlessly pulled off a prank on her mom.

She then wrote on Instagram: “Ang bilis ni Mama Bob??❤❤ Hahahahahahaha. ???????
Yung may isang libo, pero mas naunahan ka ng nanay mo?? #ThankyouLordforeverything?”

As of this writing, the video has already been viewed more than 800k times.

This isn’t the first time that Angeline Quinto pulled off a prank on her mom. In fact, a few weeks ago, another video prank of Angeline was posted online, wherein she did a straw prank on her mom.

Source: Instagram | KAMI

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