Aling Dionisia, Muling Pinag-usapan Sa Social Media Matapos Niyang Talbugan Ang Lahat Sa Fiesta

Aling Dionisia, Muling Pinag-usapan Sa Social Media Matapos Niyang Talbugan Ang Lahat Sa Fiesta

Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao, or “Aling Dionisia,” as people call her, is one of the most colorful personalities that the world has seen. As we know, she is the mother of none other than the Filipino Boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao. Aside from this, she is also known for the very entertaining actions and remarks that she shows every time she makes a public appearance.

In the past, Aling Dionisia has had her own moments of fame. At times, they even outshine those of Manny’s. Recently, she started making noise all over social media once again. This was seen in yet, another viral video that was posted.


The famous boxing champ mother danced confidently to a song with her friends for about a good 2 and a half minutes. No one knows how long they have been dancing but they sure are having the time of their lives. According to the page that posted the video, Aling Dionisia spent some time in a fiesta of a certain baranggay. 


We all know that Mommy D is way past her youthful days. Despite this, her actions in the video showed otherwise. It seems like she could continue doing this for hours, unlike people of the same age as her. Certainly, she still has the strength that she used when she was raising her children before they gained all their success.


The post gathered around thousands of likes, shares, and comments. A lot of netizens expressed their thoughts in the comments section. Most of them seemed fond of the very active woman.

Aling Dionisia Dapidran-Pacquiao was born in 1949 in Sarangani province. As of today, she is already 69-years old. She is a mother to 5 of her children and a grandmother to all of her children as well. She has worked hard to be able to provide the best life for her family. We cannot deny that she is a big part of their success. This mother certainly deserves everything that she has in her life right now.

It is truly great to see Aling Dionisia in such a happy and healthy state. May she continue to be the generous and joyful woman that we all know.

Watch the video here!



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