Elderly couple has been living in sewer under streets for 22 years

An elderly couple lives in an abandoned sewer for over 22 year.

Maria Garcia and Miguel Restrepo met on the streets of Medellin in Colombia. They were both at their lowest points in their life that time, but through each other, they were able to better themselves and went on with their life.

But since they have no money or friends and family that they could rely on, they found shelter at an abandoned sewer in the streets, and until now, they are still residing there for more than 22 years now. The municipal official had already offered to give them a more decent home but the couple refused, saying that they’re already happy with what they have.

With no child of their own, the couple lives with their dog named Blackie. Their sewer home measures 65 sq. feet and is just 4.5 feet high. But despite its cramped size, their home is equipped with everything the need like electricity, a bed, a chair, a cupboard, and a stove. The also have a fan that they often use to fight the hot Colombian climate. Their house is also equipped with a radio and a television for their entertainment.

The only struggle they have is that their home does not have a shower so they just use buckets of water to wash themselves.

The opening of the sewer serves as the window of their home where the skylight gets to enter during sunny days. When the weather is not so good, they would use plastic bags to cover the openingto stop the rain from entering their house. They use planks to lock their house every night.

The couple believes that it’s more financially convenient for them to stay at their sewer home than get a new one. The two do not have any job nor any source of living so they only rely on their neighbor’s charity. Miguel sometimes earn a little amount from helping owners park their cars on the streets. They admit that they were not able to eat sometimes but they had already grown accustomed to it.

Despite thier living condition, the couple still managed to find contentment and happiness.

The couple are always grateful for their neighbors because they are helping them and they accepted them in their industrial district.

“You have to sow in order to reap. If one conducts oneself well, his life is good. If one conducts oneself bad, his life is bad,” Miguel shared.

Miguel said that he would not trade their sewer home for anything else.



Source: Theepochtimes