This engagement photo went viral after the woman used her cousin to model her ring

People would often go to the extremes so that they can get the perfect photo. After all, we all basically put everything out on our social media accounts so it may as well be the possible best that it could be, right? That’s exactly what this couple thought of which made their engagement photo go viral. The catch? She used her cousin’s hand for the photo.

Everybody on social media understands that that with an engagement comes a gloating photo of the engagement ring. Of course, engagements would always come in as a surprise and there are tons of women who come off guard. For instance is this bride-to-be identified as Diana by Lad Bible. She was sporting some unpolished, dry and crusty nails and refused to show off her engagement ring the said way.

Ever the cunning woman, Diana looked for someone in the room who had beautiful nails– well manicured and all, shoved her beautiful and brand new engagement ring on it and had everybody who was able to see the prior photo fooled.

It was on Twitter when her cousin shared a photo of the behind the scenes, and wrote in the tweet :My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao”. She also added more information in a following tweet that her cousin is a nurse so that is the reason why she never really has her nails done. That comes alongside the fact that the engagement was a surprise and that was why she was very unprepared for it.

The whole proposal was so well planned. For instance, his fiance, Jose figured every single thing out. To cover up for his proposal, he told Diana that this was a celebration for his parents’s wedding anniversary which led to Diana organizing everything herself! It was a good thing she liked her in-laws or it could have gone south real quick! While she was keeping busy planning the so called wedding anniversary, her fiance planned the real deal- the proposal.

The tweet has since reached 785,000 likes on Twitter with over 190,000 retweets. People seemingly adored the stunt. Lad Bible shared that an unnamed netizen shared over the replies of the initial tweet: “Gotta have good girlfriends around at all times best gift you give yourself is having friends that got your back”.

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Source: ladbible