Rochelle Pangilinan’s baby also has the potential to become an “Eat Bulaga” dancer

There’s no denying that every 2000’s baby knows  Eat Bulaga’s” popular girl group. Their famous chant of “get, get aww!” has always been an iconic part of our childhood. That’s why everyone is totally thrilled upon hearing that they’re currently looking for new members. But even though that new members are about to be presented, people are still happy to catch up with some of its former members. Dancer Rochelle Pangilinan was one of the most popular members of the group.

Just recently, the “Eat Bulaga” dancer has shared a cute video of her first child. She successfully recorded her baby as if she was “dancing” inside her tummy.

Upon uploading the video on her Instagram, thousands of netizens immediately gave their sentiments. Some of them also pointed out that her baby might have got her dancing skills. As of writing, her cute video has already gained 150,000 views on her social media account.

Besides her fans, several celebrities are also excited to meet her baby. One of them was the veteran actress, Nora Aunor. On her online post, the former dancer thanked Nora for the wonderful gifts and surprises they’ve received from the actress.

“The feeling of being thought of by the only superstar — how I thought of her since I was a child — [but] she thought of me.”

Rochelle and her husband, Arthur Solinap, also announced that they’re expecting their first child through an Instagram post last August. Upon announcing the wonderful news, thousands of people immediately got excited for them. The couple has tied the knot in Tagaytay in August 2017.

Check out some sentiments made by the netizens down below: