WATCH: Part 2 of story of factory worker who’s in a relationship

Here is the second part of the story of a factory worker who had a relationship with a doctor, and now the latter has been denying about it.

After Raffy Tulfo interviewed Raffy Mamaril, the man who was in a relationship with the doctor, the program tried to contact the woman in question but she refused to answer the call. But in this episode, it was now her who faced Tulfo.

Alma Balagapo went to the program to clarify her side of the story. She said that she is not a doctor. The “doctor’s uniform” that Raffy sees and sometimes washes is just nurse-like uniform which she wore everytime she attends to her patient. Alma is a private caregiver. She does officially work at the Manila Doctor’s Hospital, instead, sometimes, her patient would be confined there that is why she always has to be there as well.

She got confused about what Raffy was narrating during his interview because she does not have any idea what he was talking about. She also said that she intentionally refused to answer the program’s call because that is what her lawyer advised her.

Alma said that she already filed a case against Raffy because he oftentimes borrow money without paying it back.

Tulfo asked what is truth about their relationship. Alma was supposed to explain herself further more but Tulfo cut her off and asked her to just answer the question, whether Raffy is her boyfriend or was he just her driver. Alma first said that she does not really know what to call if since she gives Raffy a salary.

Tulfo said that regardless whether she was paying him or not, she had to say what she thinks their relationship is. Alma answered that they are indeed romantically involved.

But during her initial interview with the program’s staff, Alma said that Raffy was just her driver.

Almas clarified that at first, they are couple, but then she just considers him a driver during the latter part of their relationship because she is also paying him salary like what she does with her other staff.

Aside from that, she already asked the two of them to separate after Raffy borrowed P200,000 from her which he did not pay back. She said that it was already in their barangay’s blotter.

Another issue she had with Raffy is that he has another woman whom he takes home to his house when Alma’s not around.

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Source: Youtube