LOOK: Thai she-male shared his amazing transformation from an ugly fat duckling to a perfectly gorgeous doll

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “Beauty comes from within” are the mantra that we normally live by heart, and that we can all agree that physical beauty also fades through time. But let us not deny the fact that physical beauty is also a plus in many aspects like acquiring a job, representing a brand, making you feel good about yourself, gaining confidence, and of course, making someone gets attracted or fall in love with you..

Exceptional puberty transformation once went viral on social media with netizens showing their ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation saying that is how “puberty hits them hard”.

However, not all of us are lucky enough to be hit by the puberty stage and left with no choice but to accept the fact that we will remain as the ugly duckling that we used to be.

But one Thai “she-male” proves that one does not need the puberty stage to hit him as she opts to underwent a series of surgery and hard work to achieve her dream transformation.

In the Facebook post of Pond Natthachai Tangchit, he revealed how he was able to transform himself from an ugly duckling to a totally gorgeous woman in a span of three years.

He uploaded photos of himself during his “awkward stage” where he used to have extra weight but still manages to wear female clothing. But since he is not that confident, he decided to transform himself starting off by having dental braces to have a perfect smile.

He then underwent three different stages of nose job to achieve having a pointy and almost-perfect nose.

After which, Pond had some facial reconstruction which includes adding dimples on his cheeks to make him look cuter.

But he did not keep everything under the knife as he also manages to lose weight in a span of 7 months by pushing himself to work out and have a strict diet. From a whopping 120-kilogram, he achieved the weight of 60 kilos! He also used some skin cream to have a soft and healthy looking skin from head to toe.

Slowly, Pond is starting to look like a gorgeous lady with a small face, sweet smile, glowing skin, and an hour-glass figure.

But she still wanted to look better so she had her eyes done and even had some eyebrow enhancing to achieve the perfect doll-like look.

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