PNR train stops on tracks leaving passengers stranded inside

A netizen took to Facebook his and the other passengers’ dismay on how the PNR staff responded after one of trains stopped.

A netizen named Mak Adriano posted a Facebook live video to show their situation when one of the trains of Philippine National Railways (PNR) suddenly got stuck and stopped on tracks around Dela Rosa station. The passengers were slowly getting frustrated because of the incident and the lack of response of the authorities.

Aside for the train stopping, the PNR staff also did not immediately opened the doors of the train, leaving the passengers stranded inside an overcrowded space.

According to Adriano, the vehicle stopped at around 6:40 in the evening. He started filming the scenario around 7:00 PM, which means they had been stuck there for good 20 minutes.

The passengers kept on fanning themselves to create ventilation. The train was so crowded that some people started having difficulties in breathing while some were slowly feeling nauseated by the lack of air. The passengers continuously shouted for help while banging on the walls but still, no staff responded to the emergency.

Adriano’s Facebook live went on for 10 more minutes but they remained stuck inside. Through his live video, Adriano hoped that the PNR would be alerted about what was happening to them. He kept on calling out the staff for their lack of response in a dire situation.

In his next Facebook live video, the passengers’ attention were already focused on the door. It turned out that some of them were already planning on breaking the windows so that some could finally get out of it and look for help.

They banged on one of the window openings in the sliding door. Adriano was suggesting to use a hard shoe to kick the window open.

A male passenger used force and successfully opened the said window. Since he was skinny enough, he was able to get out of the small opening. The other passengers waited for the door to be totally opened. The door successfully slid open but the problem was that the opened side was kind of narrow, so it’s better for them to open the other side.

A man instructed them to twist something located at the upper right corner of the door which is responsible for releasing the air the makes the door shut close. Upon doing what was instructed, it was easier for the other passengers to pull the door open.

They successfully exited the train and walked towards the nearest station.


Watch the full video here:

Almost One Hour na trap sa tren wala man lang rescue …..Mga Pnr Staff walang concern sa mga pasahero!!!!

Posted by Mak Adriano on Monday, January 7, 2019



Source: Facebook