Man in Thailand has 4 wives who don’t mind sharing him

They say men are naturally polygamous, meaning even if they are already committed to the woman they chose to marry, they will still get attracted to other woman and will find a way to sneak out from their wife.

In many countries, the practice of Polygamy or having more than one wife is highly prohibited, after all, who would want to share the love of their life to another person regardless if man or woman, right?

But no matter how the idea of Polygamy is being discouraged, some would still prefer to be engaged in this unconventional set up which raises many eyebrows.

Just like this woman who recently went viral on social media after sharing happy family photos with her husband along with his three other wives.

Yup, you read that right… four women sharing and loving one particular man.

Normally when a legal wife finds out that her husband is having an affair with another woman, we would expect them to go on full beast mode and try to fight for their husband and their rights as the legal wife, but for Waraphon Pruksawan, she actually accepts the whole set up with an open heart and even enjoys their odd relationship with three other women.


According to Malaysian-Chinese news site “China Press”, Waraphon is even proudly sharing photos of her husband with his three other wives on social media. In fact, she even considers their weird set-up as a “family”.

In the photos which Waraphon tagged as “family portraits”, she and her husband could be seen happily smiling along with three other equally gorgeous women.

The legal wife said that most people close to her have expressed their concern in this odd set-up and have questioned why she agreed to share her husband, but Waraphon said that there is nothing to worry about since she is also very happy with their unconventional family.

In fact, she also revealed that she has been actively involved in the process of selecting the ladies that have joined the family. Being the legal wife, she has a “say” on the decision making and can easily reject the woman if she thinks she could not get along with her.

Waraphon said that she would rather have it this way than knowing that her husband is sneaking out and having an affair behind her back.

When they “recruited” the second wife, both Waraphon and her husband enjoyed it and their set-up worked beautifully leading them to have two more additional wives in the “family”.

Although the stunning wife did not divulge more details like their bedroom arrangement and wife schedule, she assured the public that she is one happy legal wife and there is nothing to worry about.


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