Maids ask help from Raffy Tulfo after their employer kicked them out on New Year

A siblings of maid entered 2019 with an unpleasant surprise: their employer does not want their service anymore after they failed to come back to her house on New Year.

Now, they want to get their belongings in the house but they can’t because their employer is refusing to let them in.

Airene and Airese sought help from veteran broadcaster and public service personality Raffy Tulfo in getting their belongings from the house of their employer Rebeca Lamando in San Pedro, Laguna.

According to the two, Rebeca fired them after returning to her house on January 2 instead of January 1.

Airene narrated that they took their days off on December 31 to celebrate New Year with their own family. They were told to return to the house on January 1 but they were unable to do that because of the hard pouring rain.

Apparently, that was not an accepted excuse to Rebeca as she chose to kick the siblings Airene, Airese, and their other sibling who was not able to come to the studio because of fever.

In a phone interview, Rebeca reasoned out that on January 1, she called her maids numerous times to check their whereabouts but they are not answering.

They finally answered back at night and they told Rebeca that they were in Makati with their brother. Later on, the maids told her that they cannot come to the house because there no rides available at that time. Rebeca did not accept this reason since they were able to go to Makati.

She told Raffy that she is willing to let the siblings enter her house again to get their belongings.

Raffy then checked if she already gave their salary, in which Rebeca responded that they will be not receiving any salary.

She reasoned out that she took care of Airene’s dental problems, the two broke some furniture in her house, and they haven’t done their job in December since a lot of clothes and sheets were not washed.

Moreover, Rebeca said the two had their salary advanced.

Raffy then told Rebeca that she should not charge her maids for breaking her furniture without any intention as it is stated in the Kasambahay Law.

Rebeca also reasoned out that the siblings are still not done paying their phones that they bought for them.

Raffy then said that he is even willing to give Rebeca a brand new phone so that she will give the salary to the maids.

The two sides just agreed that the maids can get their stuff back.

Source: Youtube