Karla Estrada revealed Robin Padilla gave them 600k to fund Daniel’s first car when he entered showbiz

For some people, owning a car is already a luxury. They see it as “liability” instead of an asset or investment since a car will need regular maintenance and the value does not really appreciate over time. They think buying a car is something that people do just to “show off” as it automatically gives a person an instant social status.

What we do not realize is that for people whose job requires traveling from one location to another, a car is not just a means of luxury, it is a necessity and an investment that will make their life easier. Just like celebrities, we cannot argue that they really need a reliable vehicle that they can take to tapings, load the stuff they need for their everyday commitment and not to mention, their cars also serve as their resting nest whenever they have to spend all night taping a film or TV series.

Just recently, actress and TV host Karla Estrada revealed that during the earlier days of her son Daniel Padilla in the showbiz industry, his uncle veteran actor Robin Padilla generously gave him money to buy a car that he will need for the job.

According to a Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph) report, the “Magandang Buhay” host said that Robin voluntarily gave them money to fund Daniel’s first car that he will use for his showbiz engagements

“Si Robin ang unang nagbigay ng sasakyan kay Daniel. Starex na binili ko…” Karla said during a conversation with Robin’s wife, Mariel and her Mommy April which was captured by Robin through an Instagram live video.

“Walang check si Robin binigay, sulat-kamay lang. ‘Tapos winithdraw ko yung PHP600,000 para ibili na yung sasakyan ni Daniel kasi sabi ko, ‘Tol, magsisimula na pamangkin mo…’” she added.

It could be recalled that Daniel started his showbiz career in 2010 which eventually lead him to be teamed up to on-screen partner and now real-life girlfriend, Kathryn Bernardo.

But this is not the only time that Robin extended his generosity to his equally good-looking nephew, in an interview with YES magazine back in August 2013, Daniel’s father Rommel Padilla recalled on how Robin became an instrument for him to saw his son for the first time.

Robin brought Daniel and Karla to visit him in a detention centre in Muntinlupa City when he was still serving his six years sentence which he received back in 1998.

Rommel added that when he finally got out, Robin also opened his home in Fairview for him, Karla, and Daniel. He said that living under the same roof with Robin made him treat Daniel like his own son.

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