Honest taxi drivers return P11k money, expensive laptop

Veteran broadcaster and public service personality Raffy Tulfo recognized two honest taxi drivers who returned lost items found in their cars to their original owners.

Dishonest taxi drivers have been the perennial problem of Filipino passengers who left their personal belongings in the taxis they rode without their intention.

But hope is still there as Raffy’s show proves there are still some honest taxi drivers.

One of them is Diosdado Tenorio, a taxi driver from MR Taxi who returned the lost wallet of passenger Nonoy Castillo containing P11,000.

Nonoy confirmed that his wallet did not lose any amount and Diosdado returned the wallet as it is.

He thanked Diosdado and hoped that all taxi drivers would be like him.

“Saludo ako sa kabaitan mo. Isa kang ehemplo ng katapatan sa mga driver,” Nonoy said. (I salute your kindness. You are a good example of honesty among drivers.)

For his honesty, Raffy gave him a cash reward of P1,000 and some products from their sponsors.

Diosdado thanked Raffy for the rewards and took the opportunity to greet his fellow taxi drivers and family in national television.

Another taxi driver named Roger Velasquez was also featured in the show for returning a lost expensive laptop to its owner who rode his vehicle.

Roger was just surprised to see that a laptop was left in the passenger seat of his vehicle. He eventually found out that the owner of it was a certain Miles Nicolas.

He went to Raffy’s studio to return it to its owner. Miles was unavailable at that time so her friend Ma. Teresa Magnaye went there to receive the laptop.

Ma. Teresa thanked Roger for returning the laptop of her friend. She said that the laptop is highly important for her so she was very thankful that it was an honest taxi driver who found it.

Just like Diosdado, Roger also received a cash reward and some products from the show’s sponsors.

Raffy recognized the two honest taxi drivers and told them that they will be part of a batch that they will recognize soon for being a role model to other people.

The show has been holding recognition days to people who did good deeds to other people.

What do you think of these cases? Do you think these honest taxi drivers should be recognized? Do you think there are still a lot of honest taxi drivers out there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section found below!

Source: Youtube