Grab driver shows heroism by helping sick child passenger to be rushed to hospital

Netizens applauded the heroic deed of a Grab driver who helped the family of a sick child to be rushed to two different hospitals around Metro Manila.

A man named James Brillantes shared the heroism of Ryan Bueno, the Grab driver who helped them have their child rushed to the hospital. The child suffered from pneumonia around midnighr of Friday. The family booked a trip from their house to Las Piñas Doctor’s Hospital, and it was Ryan who accepted the booking upon seeing that it was an emergency.

James’ wife, Joy, and their child, rode the Grab while he drove his motorcycle. Fortunately, it was already around midnight so the traffic is not heavy. With Ryan’s careful but fast driving, they were able to reach the hospital quickly.

The family paid Ryan but he refused to accept them saying they should just use it for the child’s expenses. The family thanked him and Ryan drove away.

But then, the family saw that the hospital queue was too long so decided to tranfer to another hospital. They booked a Grab trip again. And though Ryan was already 2 kilometers away, he again accepted the trip and drove back to the hospital to fetch the family. They were surprised to see that it was Ryan again who accepted their booking. Ryan drove them to the Unihealth hospital in Parañaque City.

Ryan said that he cancelled the booking so that the family would not need to pay him anymore. He also went offline in Grab so as not to get booked by other passengers.

Once they reached the hospital, Joy paid Ryan but again, the latter refused to accept it. But to show their gratitude, Joy left the money at the back of the car before descending it. Ryan saw it, took the money, and ran towards the family. He insisted that there’s no need to pay him and they could just keep it for their child.

In an interview with DZMM Lingkod Kapamilya last Tuesday, Ryan said that he did what he did because as a father, he understands how hard it is seeing your child in pain. He said that while driving, he was praying for the child’s recovery. Ryan has two children of his own, a 2-year-old and a 9-year.


“Pag ganyang hospital emergency ina-accept agad siya. Priority talaga siya,” said Ryan.

He was surprised that the family would share about what he did on social media. He said that he read the post late because he was busy with his duty as a Grab driver.

The family thanked Ryan wholeheartedly and the netizens commended him.





Source: ABS-CBN , Facebook