Grocery store employees complain about company who pays below minimum wage

A group of employees complained about the grocery store they had been working in because of their below minimum wage, and lack of benefits.

Monique Ortiz and her fellow sales attendants went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about the super store they worked in Malabon.

Tulfo explained that since their workplace is located at the NCR, their minimum wage should be P537 per day. Monique said that her salary is only P420 while some of the other employees can get low as P220 daily. They also do not have any benefits such as SSS, PAG-IBIG, or PhilHealth. They do not receive any 13th month pay or overtime pay as well. The only compensation they get is a bonus which also varies with each employee.

The employees work for 12 hours a day, and 7 days a week, which means that their salary is not really enough for their labor.

Tulfo asked them if they already informed their agency about it. Monique said that they continuously update the status to their agency but the latter told them that they are still waiting for the reply of the owner’s secretary.

Tulfo told them that there’s really no need for the agency to wait for the secretary’s reply because their concern is immediate.

Tulfo asked how long have they been working there. Monique said that she has been working there for 4 years now, while the employee who earns P220 daily has been working in the company for a year.

Tulfo also asked what were their jobs. Monique said that she is the officer-in-charge. Tulfo was surprised because if that’s the case, then her salaray should even be bigger.

The program called Teng Biyasura, the owner of Kosen Rufu Human Resource Services where the employees worked in. He said that they already talked with the grocery owner earlier that day and he already agreed on paying them minimum. Tulfo said that aside from their minimum wage, the company should also pay the employees their backpay from all the works they did before. Biyasura said that he would just have them compute their backpay.

Tulfo also requested to give them their 13th month pay. Biyasura said that they were already given their 13th month. Monique clarified that it was only a bonus.

Tulfo said that they will just accompany the employees back to the store so they could do the computation as well as settle the matter.

Source: Youtube