Woman encounters a supernatural phenomena during a video call with her friend

Video calls have made life easier. Whether you are travelling, working, or doing whatever it is in any part of the world, you could easily talk to someone and see their face through video calls. Gone are the days when you would write a letter, send it out, and wait a long time for a reply. Today, with just one click, you can talk to anyone. How convenient right?

But what if during a normal video call, something quite strange happens? Something that you cannot explain. Would you be ready?

This is what happened with Lori Simmons, a 47-year-old who lives in the Washington state. She is someone who enjoys talking with friends. She would often have video calls with them whenever they have free time. But during one video call, Lori didn’t expect that she would experience a supernatural phenomena in her life.

Lori recently video called her close friend, Shana. They used an app on the social network. The application that they were using is simple and has a less functions that other video calling apps online. But what’s cool about the application that they were using was that it automatically records your video calls so you can rewatch your conversations with your friends.

On the video, Lori was walking around. You can hear her talking about how she wants to get a bed with her credit card. Something like a day bed that is up on the floor. She continued talking about updates with her life when Shana asked her, “Is there somebody in your house with you?”

Looking a bit scared and nervous, Lori answered, “No, why?”

You could hear her panic through her voice. If you look at the video, you could see a strange form that was standing behind her. It didn’t look like an adult. It looked like a a 13 or 14 year old. This scared Lori and gave her a cold feeling behind her back as if someone was watching her.

Because of what happened during the video call, an investigation happened. Apparently, the house she was living in was built back in 1935. It is the oldest house in their town. It was next to a hospital and a nursing town back in the 19th century. After this incident, Lori did not want to move but she wanted to make sure that she was safe in her house.

You can watch the full video below:

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