Elderly woman complains about missing items in her balikbayan box and courier’s poor service

An elderly woman got disappointed upon seeing that some contents of her Balikbayan box are missing.

Lola Nenita Ramillano, 78 years old, called DZMM, Lingkod Kapamilya, hosted by Julius Babao, and Bernadette Sembrano, to report the incident that happened to her Balikbayan box.

Nanay Nenita spent a 3-month vacation abroad to be with her children who are residing in Texas, United States. She used that time to also buy some things for herself and compile them in a Balikbayan box. She had the big packages sent in August. She came back home in the country and just waiter for the package to arrive.

Balikbayan boxes often take few months before it can be finally deliver at the recipient’s doorstep. According to Nanay Nenita, her Balikbayan boxes arrived in December. She had a total of two boxes delivered to her. She was surprised and confused upon seeing them, especially the other one because the box was not in its perfect condition. She also noticed that it seemed like the box had been opened beforehand and then just taped together once again

Nanay Nenita opened it and upon inspecting its contents, she realized that some items had gone missing.

“Di ko na matandaan lahat ang laman pero pagbukas ko sabi ko bakit ganito parang pipe, binuksan. Nawala pati diaper pang matanda, wall clock, vitamins, saka mga Christmas decor,” said Nanay Nenita.

She said that it only happened to one box. The other one was in a prefect condition and had its contents complete. She said the she was very disappointed that someone would show interest to the items she had collected while in Texas for many months.

“Pati diaper ko nawala? Natawa na lang po ako,” said Nanay Nenita.

Upon knowing this, Nanay Nenita immediately called the courier office to forward her complaint. The company said that they will do the necessary action. But still, nothing happened. Nanay Nenita has been persistent in updating the status of the missing items in her Balikbayan box, but the courier could not give her any concrete actions. What frustrates her the most is that the staff just kept on asking her the same questions as if not really paying attention to what she was saying before.

Because of this, Nanay Nenita decided to just forward her complaint to the radio program for a much more immediate response.

She said that the items are for herself.

“Para sa bahay ko inipon ko doon. Nagtataka po ako sa kanila lang nangyari. Marami po akong boxes na ipinadala, nakarating naman nang maayos.”

She said that this was the first time that she used the said courier, but ended up disappointed about their service.

The program contacted the said courier. They said that they have been investigating the incident, and to compensate for the trouble it caused Nanay Nenita, they promised to just refund the cost of the lost items.


Source: ABS-CBN