Vice Ganda gives Bimby a pair of Gucci shoes as an early Christmas present

Christmas is about a month away and to Filipinos, it may well be December 25th already. Because Christmas begins early in our country, some people are starting to flock malls in order to buy presents for their loved ones. Some even begin giving out gifts already. As for Kris Aquino’s son Bimby, Christmas came in early and Vice Ganda made sure of that.

On Instagram, the Queen of All Media shared how Bimby was super spoiled by his Tito Vice. Apparently, the Unkabogable star already gave Kris’ bunso Xbox games and a few fidget spinners, but he decided to give something far more grand, a pair of Gucci stripe Ace high-top sneakers.

“Seeing Bimb so happy because his tito Vice sent him new sneakers reinforces my faith that this is still a kind & caring world. The gift didn’t have to be this expensive, because Bimb’s super grateful for XBox One games and fidget spinners BUT i think tito vice took my comment seriously, so super swerte ni bunso… ” Kris wrote on Instagram paired with a video of Bimby unboxing his luxurious present.

According to reports, Vice’s gift is valuer at $730. That’s roughly 38,332 pesos! That’s why Bimby made his mom promise to buy tickets for Vice’s upcoming film, “Fantastika,” which she gladly obliged. The Queen of All Media explained why her boys deserved to be rewarded.


“My 2 boys have endured 4 months of stress and the 3 of us are all on maintenance medication for our individual physical ailments,” she wrote on Instagram.

Apart from sharing Bimby’s new pair of shoes, Kris also took the opportunity to share an update about her health. It can be recalled that she has been suffering from a few ailments the past few weeks. Apparently, just before the video was take, Kris’ encountered some problems with her blood pressure.


“Since many have such sharp eyes, i prefer to address the issue with transparency- it may seem to you that there’s a lump or growth in my neck. My doctors are closely monitoring my thyroid antibodies and my thyroid function. We all continue praying for God’s merciful healing. GOOD NIGHT. WE LOVE YOU!” she ended her Instagram post.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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